Tips To Control Bad Breath Bad breath is unpleasant odors in the air you exhale.  It is normal for this to occur occasionally from the intake from certain odiferous foods, such as onions

How We Replace My Missing Tooth? Modern technology has increased a dentist’s choice in ways to replace a missing tooth. What is best for the patient and what are the benefits and risks?

Reasons to Call a Dentist Now! 1. Pain on biting 2. Swollen face 3. Broken teeth 4. Sensitive teeth 5. Jaw pain 6. Bleeding gums 7. Bad breath 8. Dry mouth 9. Mouth

LAR, LANAP and LAPIP in Glen Burnie, Annapolis, MD New methods for treating medical conditions and diseases are always being developed. Lasers use in surgical procedures is decreasing post-operative discomfort, killing bacteria reducing

Stop Sports Injuries: Wear Mouthguards Football and soccer seasons are here. Sports related oral and dental injuries are commonplace. School age children are the most likely to suffer injuries to their mouths and

Essential Technology for The Dental Office I’m amazed with the evolution I have experienced in dentistry. I’ve seen unbelievable changes in my dental office and equipment in the time since I opened my

Low-level Fluoride Varnish for Young and Old Over 35 million people in the United States are sixty-five years or older. Sixty-five is the standard age most researchers used to identify the geriatric population.

This is a time where information is readily available. How does a patient find the correct dental treatment for them? To seek options, and communicate you must have some knowledge to your questions.

Digital Dental Camera Technology Q: What are dental digital clinical cameras? A: Pictures are now taken digitally at dental offices to capture images inside and outside the mouth. Digital refers to a method

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia is not a disease. This medical disorder is simply the decrease flow of saliva in the mouth.  Saliva is 98% water plus needed enzymes, electrolytes and agents