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Tooth Lasers Versus Drills

Tooth Lasers Versus Drills


I am a laser dentist. Eleven years ago, breaking technology and a patented treatment for gum disease (LANAP), made the use of a dental laser necessary in my family dental practice. Multiple trips to the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD) in Los Angeles, the University of California in San Francisco, Academy of Laser Dentistry Conferences in Tucson and Florida and numerous American Dental Association and other regional dental society meetings were needed for training, accreditation, networking and knowledge of the growing laser technology. I have been an Instructor for the IALD for the past six years. Teaching dentists in Los Angeles and Denver.

My first laser, a soft tissue (Nd:YAG) laser gave me LANAP, a laser periodontal therapy to treat my patient’s gum disease (Periodontitis/Gingivitis). This laser gave me a no cut, non-bleeding, no stitches technique to remove the infection and allow the body to heal itself. The success of this laser has changed how I practice dentistry every day. At that time, no suitable hard tissue laser was available to replace the dental drill. In 2002 new technology became available. I purchase an Erbium:YAG laser to utilize in treating dental cavities. I have just purchased my fifth dental laser.

Laser energy and water are utilized to replace the dental drill to remove decay in teeth. This results with no vibrations, no drill sounds and minimal
or no pain. The need for anesthetic is eliminated (no shots)
in most cases. Using the precise control of the laser, decay

can be removed while leaving as much healthy tooth as possible, perfect for tooth colored filling technology. No worry about bacterial contamination as the laser kills germs as it works. The laser is ideal for use in children. However, lasers can not be used to remove existing metal restorations.

My technique is to use the laser in conjunction with air abrasion. I have the tools to diagnose and treat tooth decay early and painlessly. I utilize bonding to fill and restore the remaining healthy tooth or seal-out decay in cavity-free teeth. No more reason to watch and wait until tooth decay causes teeth to break or hurt before treatment. The progressive nature of tooth decay requires dental treatment. Prevention of decay is desired, but early treatment is the next best alternative. Ways exist to treat decayed teeth earlier, more conservatively and cosmetically without discomfort. Laser Dentistry is

another way for the dental patient to receive the best treatment that dental technology can offer.

Dr. Cranska has been awarded Advanced Profiency Certification from the Academy of Laser Dentistry, Category II Academy of Laser Dentistry Certification from IADL, Standard Profiency from the Laser Clinical Training Center and Fellowship Status and Instructor Certification from the IALD.

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