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Tooth Whitening For Anyone – Annapolis, MD

January 13, 2016 Andrew 0 Comments


Tooth Whitening for Anyone

Dentist supervised at home tooth whitening for patients has nearly three decades of proven use. Changes and improvement have developed the techniques, chemical formulations and delivery system to now have most effective whitening system in the world available.


Q: How long have dentists been whitening teeth?


A: Dental literature first described whitening healthy teeth using a night guard and carbamide peroxide gel in 1989. My first attempts were on myself. I had to search pharmacies for a 5% gel. Treatment was slow in obtaining results and the trays had to be worn for extended periods. Specific Dental whitening materials became available in the 1990s and continue to improve treatment alternatives.


Q: Are you just removing stains?


A: The actual color of the teeth can be altered; a person born with yellow teeth can undergo tooth whitening and achieve white teeth. Teeth have a maximum whiteness; once this has been attained there are no results from further treatment.


Q: You are a laser dentist, why Night at Home only custom appliance treatment instead of one treatment laser whitening?





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A: I have found that one in-office appointment is insufficient to obtain the whitening results expected by patients. Patients want teeth whiter than a one hour treatment results. The at Home patient is able to continue treatments until desired results are obtained from tray whitening. Current research also supports my finding in studies that determine the number of in-office light-activated treatments needed to achieve patient satisfaction (2-6 treatment for maximum whiteness). Take home results are obtained from 3 days to two weeks. Another advantage of a home system is that touch-ups can be done at any time in the future with only the cost of the whitening agent.

Mouth guard whitening is usually my treatment of choice in my office because of the reduced costs, safety concerns and increased effectiveness.


Q: How safe is tooth whitening?


A: Ten year follow-up studies show that supervised dental monitored night guard tooth whitening is safe and effective. In one study, over 40% of patients considered the whitened color stable after 10 years.


Q: How about over the counter, TV ad or Internet obtained home whitening?


A: As always, buyers beware. A Dentist is responsible for a thorough examination and proper diagnosis to determine the best treatment for the patient, evaluate the benefits versus the risk and determine which additional treatments are necessary after whitening. Existing fillings, bonding, veneers, crowns will not whiten along with the teeth. Professional planning needs to be done before beginning whitening. This prevents fixing costly errors from bad or unexpected results.


Q: What is the treatment for Night at Home guard tooth whitening?


A: Before treatment begins a comprehensive examination needs to done. This includes dental radiographs (x-rays) to check for abscesses, previous root canals, underlying causes of discoloring, dental decay and periodontal disease. Counseling will include what existing restorations will no longer blend with the new whitened smile and what replacements will be needed.

Custom full arch impressions will be taken of your upper and lower teeth, to make stone models on which to construct the soft, custom fit, home whitening trays. (After you receive your guards, keep your models, in case a replacement guard is needed in the future.)

The next appointment is to polish the teeth, removing the extrinsic stains, try-in and adjust the trays, teach the how-to use of trays and whitening materials and teach home oral hygiene techniques. In-office follow up appointments are scheduled at this time.

New materials and the system’s techniques allow for results after only 14 nights of daily treatment.

Remember whitening is best performed professionally. The supervision of a dentist for a thorough examination and proper diagnosis will result in the most ideal whitening results possible and your New Smile.


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