Widespread antibiotic usage began in the 1940s to treat infections. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are developing over time and

Reasons to Drink Tap Water No sugar to cause dental decay Fluoridation to prevent decay No calories to

In a dental office, the dentist and dental hygienists work together in clinical patient treatment. Technology has given

Q: I have been going to the dentist since I was a child. I’m amazed at the changes

Modern technology has given dentists the ability to replace a missing tooth with an implant-borne dental restoration. The

Dentistry and modern science have not been able to find a cure or preventative measure for tooth decay.

What Happens When the Dentist Needs a Dentist? I have been along for the high technology changes in Dentistry

The only time and place you have regular oral health examinations is during general dental appointments. Mouth infections

Fall sports will soon begin. Over a third of mouth injuries occur while playing sports. Sports related oral

How Do I Replace My Missing Tooth?   Modern technology has increased a dentist’s choice in ways to