How We Replace My Missing Tooth? Modern technology has increased a dentist’s choice in ways to replace a missing tooth. What is best for the patient and what are the benefits and risks?

Reasons to Call a Dentist Now! 1. Pain on biting 2. Swollen face 3. Broken teeth 4. Sensitive teeth 5. Jaw pain 6. Bleeding gums 7. Bad breath 8. Dry mouth 9. Mouth

Stop Sports Injuries: Wear Mouthguards Football and soccer seasons are here. Sports related oral and dental injuries are commonplace. School age children are the most likely to suffer injuries to their mouths and

Digital Dental Camera Technology Q: What are dental digital clinical cameras? A: Pictures are now taken digitally at dental offices to capture images inside and outside the mouth. Digital refers to a method

Technology has given dentists a durable tooth colored ceramic with the qualities of strength, wear resistance, tolerated by gums and is tooth colored called Zirconia. Original BruxZir Zirconia crowns have been on the

If you are a cigarette or e-cigarette user you should be concerned about the effects smoking has on your health.  E-cigarettes were introduced as a smoking alternative without smoke. E-cigarettes are battery operated,

9 Symptoms That you Have Xerostomia Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia is not a disease. This medical condition is simply the decrease flow or a change in the quality of your saliva

Modern dentistry is dynamic. Changes to improve patient comfort and quality of care are always being developed. The use of improved dental materials, modern delivery systems, lasers, computer generated imaging, computer management software

Drinks containing sugar promote tooth decay.  Acidic drinks cause erosion that wears away healthy tooth enamel. The average teenager drinks over sixty gallons of soft drinks per year. A better choice is water.

Today’s dental mission should not be just reacting to and treating problems; instead the priority should be in prevention. The key tools in preventing tooth problems are cleaning your teeth every day, your