What If I Don’t Have The Root Canal Done?   A root canal (Endodontic Therapy) is a dental procedure to remove the soft pulp tissue inside the center of a tooth, leaving the

Q: I have been going to the dentist since I was a child. I’m amazed at the changes in dentistry, the dental office and equipment over the last 50 years. What are the

Your oral health affects other body parts. There are a number of personal health risks associated with oral piercings and wearing jewelry in your mouth.   Q: How can oral health be affected

Where is laser dentistry now? In their 24 years of existence, dental lasers have evolved, and so have their uses. Dental lasers are here to stay. Recent advances in technology have made the

What If I Don’t Have My Decayed Teeth Fixed?   Dentistry and modern science have not been able to find a cure or prevention for tooth decay, also known as dental caries. Tooth

Q: I haven’t been to a dentist in years. I use all the dental rinses and products from the drug store to take care of my mouth. I see some stained and dark areas