Teeth or Dental Implants?

Modern dental technology advances have increased Dentists choices in ways to replace missing teeth, retain previously teeth thought to be hopeless or to replace all teeth. Dental implants advances over the past 30 years have helped millions of patients replace teeth.   Q:  How can I have my missing, broken and diseased teeth replaced to look like and...
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Prevent Dental Disease

Today’s dental mission should not be just reacting to and treating problems; instead the priority should be in prevention. The key tools in preventing tooth problems are cleaning your teeth every day, your diet, fluoride and dental sealants. Regular dental cleanings bring everything together.

Q: What can I do to prevent tooth and gum disease?

A: Everyone has...
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Electric or Manual Toothbrush?

Dentistry and modern science has not been able to find a cure for tooth decay. Tooth decay is the most common disease facing mankind. A disease caused by our bodies reacting to what we eat. Today’s dental mission statement should not be just reacting to problems; instead the effort should be in curing the disease. Brushing,...
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The Eco-Friendly Dental Office

Dentists have choices in the ways they utilize modern technology to practice dentistry and maintain exceptional patient care. Most new equipment and technology improvements are better for the environment. The Hi-Tech Office is the Greenest. Q: What is Eco-Friendly Dentistry? A: I take this as what can I do as a dentist do to help the environment...
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Five Ways to Stop Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia is not a disease. This medical disorder is simply the decrease flow of saliva in the mouth. Without saliva there can be extensive tooth decay. Q: What is tooth decay? A: Dental decay (caries) is a bacterial disease. Everyone has bacteria in their mouth which cause caries. These bacteria form a...
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Pregnancy, Expecting Parents and Baby Teeth

Pregnancy, Expecting Parents and Baby Teeth Expecting parents here is what you need to know and do to positively affect the development of your unborn child’s teeth. Q: What concerns should I have if I’m pregnant or thinking about having a baby? A: Up to 3 out of 4 pregnant women have gingivitis due to hormonal changes. Untreated...
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HPV and Oral Cancer

HPV and Oral Cancer If you are a smoker and abuse alcohol you should be concerned about these traditional risk factors for oral cancer. We are now faced with an epidemic of oral cancer developing in younger, non-smokers and non-heavy drinkers caused by a common viral infection. Research now shows links between human papilloma virus (HPV-16) and...
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Resistant Antibiotics Caused By Use

Widespread antibiotic usage began in the 1940s to treat infections. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are developing over time and threaten the usefulness of these drugs. Resistant antibiotics are caused by antibiotic use.

Q: When do I need to take an antibiotic drug?

A: Disease causing bacteria bring about illness. Antibacterial drugs fight infections caused by bacteria. All health care...
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Tooth Decay, Sensitivity or Erosion?

In a dental office, the dentist and dental hygienists work together in clinical patient treatment. Technology has given dentistry another treatment modality for the dental hygienist to use during therapy to maintain and protect oral health, adult in-office fluoride varnish therapy.

Q: What happens at my maintenance visit with the dental hygienist?

A: Your health history is...
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