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Resistant Antibiotics Caused By Use

Widespread antibiotic usage began in the 1940s to treat infections. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are developing over time and threaten the usefulness of these drugs. Resistant antibiotics are caused by antibiotic use.

Q: When do I need to take an antibiotic drug?

A: Disease causing bacteria bring about illness. Antibacterial drugs fight infections caused by bacteria. All health care...
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Tooth Decay, Sensitivity or Erosion?

In a dental office, the dentist and dental hygienists work together in clinical patient treatment. Technology has given dentistry another treatment modality for the dental hygienist to use during therapy to maintain and protect oral health, adult in-office fluoride varnish therapy.

Q: What happens at my maintenance visit with the dental hygienist?

A: Your health history is...
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Tooth Filling Options

Modern technology has increased a dentist’s choices with added materials to fill decayed, worn or broken teeth. Tooth colored composite resins have been in use and improving for the past 60 years. With patient demands for esthetic dental restorations and concerns about mercury in silver amalgam fillings, what is best for the patient...
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