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The Importance Of Tap Water To Dental Health

Reasons to Drink Tap Water No sugar to cause dental decay Fluoridation to prevent decay No calories to cause weight gain Fights dry mouth (decreased saliva) which increases the risk of decay Tooth decay is the most common disease in man, found in millions of people. However, 150 million Americans (two-thirds of communities) have access…
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Tooth Decay, Sensitivity or Erosion?

In a dental office, the dentist and dental hygienists work together in clinical patient treatment. Technology has given dentistry another treatment modality for the dental hygienist to use during therapy to maintain and protect oral health, adult in-office fluoride varnish therapy. Q: What happens at my maintenance visit with the dental hygienist? A: Your health…
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Six Dental Technologies for 2017

Q: I have been going to the dentist since I was a child. I’m amazed at the changes in dentistry, the dental office and equipment. What do you think are the most important recent changes in dental technology? A: I have been along for the high technology changes in Dentistry myself. I started going to…
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How Do I Take Care of My Dental Implant?

Modern technology has given dentists the ability to replace a missing tooth with an implant-borne dental restoration. The lost tooth has been replaced to look like the original tooth. Now what does the patient need in professional maintenance and at-home care to make this replacement tooth last the rest of their lifetime?   Q: What…
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Sugarless Gum And Tooth Decay

Dentistry and modern science have not been able to find a cure or preventative measure for tooth decay. New clinical studies show that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after eating may help to prevent tooth decay. Q: What is tooth decay? A: Dental decay (also known as cavities or caries) is a bacterial disease. Everyone…
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What Happens When the Dentist Needs a Dentist?

What Happens When the Dentist Needs a Dentist? I have been along for the high technology changes in Dentistry since I started going to the dentist myself as a child in the 1950s and I am still a dental patient. Last month I fractured a large tooth colored filling in a back tooth. No pain, but…
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Your Mouth and Whole Body Health

The only time and place you have regular oral health examinations is during general dental appointments. Mouth infections can have adverse effects on other body parts. Systemic Diseases of the entire body may also first appear as mouth problems. A healthy mouth is important to your quality of life.   Q: How can the condition…
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Sports Safety Prevents Dental Emergencies

Fall sports will soon begin. Over a third of mouth injuries occur while playing sports. Sports related oral and dental injuries are commonplace. We need to prevent injuries to teeth, tongues, lips and cheeks. School age children are the most vulnerable. Athletic mouth guards are worn to save teeth and prevent sports related injuries to…
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How Do I Replace My Missing Tooth?

How Do I Replace My Missing Tooth?   Modern technology has increased a dentist’s choice in ways to replace a missing tooth. What is best for the patient and what are the benefits and risks?   Q: How can I have a lost tooth replaced to look like my original tooth?   A: There are…
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Regular Dental Visits Equals Oral Cancer Awareness

The first line of defense in diagnosing oral cancer is in the general dentist’s office. About 60% of adults visit a dentist per year. During these emergency and regular care visits, dentists and dental hygienists routinely use visual examinations and other screening tools to evaluate changes in the mouth and search for signs of cancer…
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