Dr. Cranska is the best dentist period! Every 6 months my family goes in for our check-ups. My children, which are now young adults, can make adult choices. They will always choose Dr. Cranska. All I can say is Thank you Dr. Cranska for keeping our teeth healthy and for keeping us happy! 😀 <----big toothy smile right there

Sue C.,

Dr Cranska has been our family dentist for many,many years.  We would not go to anyone else!

Ann A.,

I have been going to Dr. Cranska for as long as I've lived in this town. His staff and facilities are the best you can find. They are diligent in their caring for all their customers.

Peter P.,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank your office for the laser crown removal treatment last week, and also to offer my strong recommendation to anyone else out there who might have issues similar to mine.
In short, I'd recently had several crowns done by another dentist, and had been experiencing a lot of problems and complications. I'd gone through two iterations of crowns on my lower front teeth, but they were never cemented or adjusted properly and I was experiencing quite a lot of soreness and discomfort with my bite. I knew I needed them fixed, but was concerned that my teeth wouldn't be able to handle the trauma of having them cut off again (not to mention the expense of having new crowns made). I couldn't seem to find any alternative, however.
So I did a good bit of internet research and eventually found a paper Dr. Cranska had published on using laser technology to remove crowns without needing to cut them off. It seemed almost too good to be true (indeed, few other dentists seemed to be even aware of the technique), but I made a consultation appointment and traveled up to his office.
I'm very glad that I did, as Dr. Cranska's treatment exceeded all of my expectations. First, he was able to remove the problematic crowns via laser, without any significant pain or trauma. And since the crowns weren't cut off, he was actually able to adjust and properly cement them right back into my mouth. As a result, my major issues were resolved, without any of the tooth trauma I was concerned about, and without needing to make new crowns.
In sum, I strongly recommend Dr. Cranska's office to anyone in need of crown removal. As a patient who knows what it's like to have crowns physically cut out, Dr. Cranska's laser alternative struck me as nothing short of a miracle. If I later decide to re-do any of my crowns, I will definitely return to his office for laser removal.
Thanks again!

Thomas H.,

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